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  • Day: June 27, 2020

Day: June 27, 2020

Concentrate on cause and not on effect

Now days majority of the population is facing the problem of health and for getting healthy we start taking medicines which end up in normalizing the effect of certain cause because of which we were feeling unhealthy. If we want to attain a true health we have to work on the cause of the disease

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Conscious is powerful

We always say that while doing any work and to get better result out of it we should concentrate on the same, means one work at a time or we can say we should do that given job/work consciously/knowingly. If we do certain thing on daily basis we start doing it unconsciously/unknowingly, for example driving

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“No mind”’ : An extreme blissful state

We all know very well that during the state of intoxication, due to anything, be it dancing, singing, laughing, chasing a passion etc we feel extreme happiness and energetic (in reality we are not able to even express our happiness and end up doing some silly things which make people laugh), but do we know

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Siddhi vs shakti

If we talk about SIDDHI it is always governed by our mind and that’s why it is always be limited, because mind has limitations. Now, if we talk about SHAKTI it is always driven by the consciousness and it is unlimited (oh….. sorry I used the word unlimited for consciousness but the fact is that

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Significance of “Aum” sound

“AUM” is not a religious word but it’s a cosmic sound. “AUM” was not uttered but it was told to the humanity after listening from the universe through Meditation. Our ancient Rishis did not write the word “AUM” on their own but they had written this word after hearing the same from the universe. We

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Unnatural is nothing

We have a tendency to say about certain things that they are unnatural. Actually, we have put all those things in the category of unnatural which we are not able to understand/explain as to why they happened, but the truth is this that if something is happening its always natural. Good and bad are nothing,

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